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FaSTTUBe, das Formula Student Team der TU Berlin
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Day 2 at @formulastudenteast

Quite a lot was happening today. It all began early in the morning at 7am, when we entered the pit area, got the FT19c ready and went straight into the scrutineering. It underwent all inspections very well and by the early afternoon, all six stickers were on 💪

The FT19e on the other hand had some troubles. When we left Berlin the Battery contained 4 working segments, when we arrived in Hungary only 2 were still working. We are working hard to fix the problem, 1 of the 2 segments is working fine again and tomorrow we will tackle the other one, besides the mechanical and accumulator scrutineering. ⚡

Right now everyone is preparing for the static disciplines tomorrow 🤓
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DAY 1 @formulastudenteast started with a wakeup call at 6.30 am. First we quickly prepared the FT19e & FT19c pits. The battery of the FT19e was fast off to the HV-Tent to prepare for electrical scrutineering.

The FT19c finalised the last parts and queued up for the mechanical scrutineering, but unfortunately wasn't able to go in today. Tomorrow the FT19c will be 7th in the scrutineering order. Lets hope for the best! We are optimistic to get through the scrutineering tomorrow. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽 @ Zala ZONE Járműipari Tesztpálya Zalaegerszeg
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Too fast to catch up with - the FT18c 🏎️💨
Dank geht an VDI Ostwestfalen-Lippe Bezirksverein e. V. und norelem für die Teilnahme am VDI Racing Camp!
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