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Day 5 @fsczech

Magnificent 1st place in Cost&Manufacturing Event! 🎉💪

We are proud that we proved again our knowledge and strength in this discipline. Thanks to @fsczech2019 for this event.

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Day 4 @fsczech

While we are still at the competition, today was also about looking ahead to the next season.

At the camp we discussed in two groups. In one group we talked about a new battery concept for 2020, wrote a list of requirements and made initial thoughts on the basic data.
The other group dealt with team issues such as integration of newbies, motivation enhancement, identification with fasttube and more.

After the official photo and a lot of fun we let the day come to an end 🙃

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On Monday our FT19e has to say good bye to his combustion buddy FT19c to head to FS Czech, which take place on the @autodrommostcz Race Track. There our electric team has one day to take some rest before registration and pit construction was due. They used the relaxing time to find some new friends on the camping ground like the greece team @metropoliamotorsport .
It was really good to had this rest time, because there were a few inspection on our schedule for today: pre inspection, mechanical electrical 1&2. Unfortunately we could only pass the pre inspection, because the queue was way to long for inspections of all teams.

At the same time our static boys and girls also used that time today for preparation, because the Business Plan Presentation is tomorrow at 9am, Engineering Design Event at 11:45am and the Cost & Manufacturing Event at 2pm tomorrow.

We are looking forward to this last Statics Day for the season!

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The FSG was an emotional up and down for the whole team.

We finished endurance with the FT19c with a really good time, but unfortunately got disqualified in the Post-Scrutineering for a misfunctioning BOTS (Brake Over Travel Switch).
Even though giving our best to get the FT19e to drive, the luck wasn’t on our side. But we gathered good points in the static events!

These are the results of the cars:

Cost & Manufacturing Event - 86 / 100 points (16th place)
Engineering Design Event - 55 / 150 points (30th place)
Business Plan Event - 49.14 / 75 points (25th place)

Overall: 28th place of 39!
(Improvement to last year 11 places and 130,16 points.)

Cost & Manufacturing Event - 95 / 100 points (3rd place) 🎉
Engineering Design Event - 85 / 150 points (26th place)
Business Plan Event - 49.14 / 75 points (36th place)

Skid Pad - 61,59 / 75 points (11th place)
Autocross - 65,39 / 100 points (13th place)
Acceleration - 53,79 (18th place)
Endurance & Efficiency - DNF 😥

Overall: 23th place of 60!
(Improvement to last year 2 places and 26,93 points.)

It was a nice last event for the combustion car with the whole team while the electric car shows its best side at the Formula Student Czech Republic.

Thank you for the amazing event Formula Student Germany. 💪 Also besides the track we had a lot of fun!

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